MARTE – Massimiliano Gallo

Massimiliano Gallo was born on August 9th 1986 in Agrigento, Italy. By himself, although many difficulties he succeed to determine and confirm his career in the West Sicilian music contest. Massimiliano is an italian singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist too. Since he was fifteen years old he started producing and playing music as composer, singer and instrumentalist with particular love for the guitar. Through the music Massimiliano improved his way to understand life in its many meanings and this is the reason why we can say – according to that – the music plays an essential role on his life.

During his adolescence, Massimiliano started several musical projects with various artists and bands like – as musicians – Sergio Calì, Mirko Morreale, Flavio Cammilleri, Rosario Bevilacqua ecc… and Minimoug, Delir and Suprafonic – as groups – that can be considered some of the most relevant figure in the independent western Sicilian music perspective. With them he got a lot of live performance around Sicily. He also composed sixteen albums that contain different kind of music as blues, jazz, electronic and symphonic music; progressive, alternative, indie & brit rock, pop.

One of the most important experience in his musician life has been the co-creation with the Italian Musical Director, Marco Savatteri, about the production of theatre soundtracks. In this case, Massimiliano helped Marco Savatteri with his intuitions about electronic music. All of the people he worked with, contributed to increase his background as great composer and the musical “La visita”, “Lo strano caso della famiglia Dupont” and “Otello” can be considered as the main expression of his professional exploit.

In 2010 Massimiliano realized a short film called “Nessuno sa cos’è la notte” – Nobody knows what the night is – . It’s his first approach with video producing. From then Massimiliano started his new experience as director, writer, photographer and actor; and he also realized many short movie and musical videoclips.

Massimiliano left Italy to start his new musical experience in Australia. Meanwhile he has just released his last EP “Experiments”, that contains three English songs that represent his first and concrete project in the international music production.




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